26 lutego 2020

Family Photo Shoot at the Dunes of Maspalomas

I always forget about posting my pictures on my website as we all browse Instagram and Facebook pages these days! But I will keep you updated here also!

So a while back I was editing my photos and I received a message from this family that they are coming for vacation to Gran Canaria. Their desire was to have the photo shoot in maspalomas dunes, as their kids love the sand, and Maspalomas Dunes is a pretty much largest kids playground on Gran Canaria.


So we clicked ever since talking, and trying to get to know each other before the photo shoot in Gran Canaria. I always try to make such contact with my clients just to make sure once we meet everything will go as we planned so! So they day has come!


We met just after 5pm near the entrance to the Maspalomas dunes, to be precise I always start shooting near the RIU Palace Maspalomas, as the entrance to the dunes is the fastest and we dont lose time on walking towards the location. So we met! and when I saw this lovely family I already knew that our photo shoot will be just perfect! The right people and the right photographer!

Oh, we had so much sun in Maspalomas Dunes! The kids absolutely loved it! We played in Sand, We were running together to try to catch amazing moments of an amazing family having fun! The sunset light in Gran Canaria sometimes may be tricky! Although usually its sunny but sometimes you get slight misty sky which results in softer sun! but here we had the best light we could ever imagine! Gran Canaria is amazing place for family photo shoot! So here are the results!


Michael - Photographer Gran Canaria