21 stycznia 2020

Family Photo Shoot Gran Canaria - Maspalomas Dunes

Lets meet my family! This photo shoot was taken at dunes of maspalomas! Its really amazing place to do photo shoot on Gran Canaria. Whether its couples photo shoot or just simply amazing family time! 

Being a photographer means that I dont always get to be on the photos. But however this was just after Christmas! And I have decided to give a Photo Shoot gift to my parents, since we never have had taken a profesional photo shoot with our family before. So YES I was the photographer also, even though I was in the shots, I have managed to set my camera on interval mode, so it was shooting automatically.


Just I had to set the right angle so we all would fit into the photo! My mother loves Gran Canaria, and she loves dunes of maspalomas, so thats why I chose it for our photo shoot on Gran Canaria. I love that we did it. we managed to have photos together, and they shared memories will last forever! Not only on the digital version as I am gifting my mother an album with all the photos from Gran Canaria. 


Michael, Your Gran Canaria Photograper