21 stycznia 2020

Sunset near Roque Nublo

Let me take you to the most amazing sunset I have ever seen in my life in Gran Canaria.

The story is short but its just simply amazing. Let me present Basia and Michal photos from Gran Canaria. One of my photography dreams is to capture the sunset at Roque Nublo, however sometimes the weather is not in my favour, whether its rain or cloud, there is something in my way. Just like this time,

We have planned to go to the Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria as the weather forecasts were saying it was nice and cloud map was also confirming that the sky will be clear, so we could have a trek to the top of the peak! So we drove for the photo shoot with the car for over an hour to get there, to do a photo shoot. As soon as we got to the parking heavy wind came and all the trees were bending with some light rain! And ofcourse I did not want my couple to feel cold during the photo shoot as this would not be the right purpose to see some discomfort! So I had to act quick, we drove down around 300metres lower and we found this place.

During the photo shoot I was so stunned with the light we getting, the photo shoot was perfect, The couple really shown what they feel for each other. Gran Canaria is perfect place for photo shoots as you never know what you may find, its a little continent in the end! 

Michael, your Gran Canaria Photographer!